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We are proud of...

  • Marek Błażewicz, Polish Bioinformatics Society Distinction for the best master thesis in bioinformatics (title "RNA fragment search engine - project and implementation", supervisor: dr. Marta Szachniuk)
  • Marta Szachniuk, Scientific award of the IBCh PAS Research Council for the best experimental work of the year (RNA FRABASE)
  • Marta Kasprzak, Medal of the National Education Commission


  • Piotr Formanowicz, Prime Minister Award for habilitation thesis (title "Selected combinatorial aspects of biological sequence analysis")


  • Marta Szachniuk, European Doctoral Dissertation Award of the European Association of Operational Research Societies EURO for the best doctoral dissertation on OR applications (title "Combinatorial Analysis of 2D-NOESY Spectra in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of RNA Molecules", supervisor: prof. Jacek Blazewicz)
  • Maciej Miłostan, Scientific Stipend of the City of Poznan
  • Jacek Błażewicz, Scientific Award of the City of Poznan


- Marta Kasprzak, Award of the IV Division of Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the field of computer science for the habilitation thesis (title "Combinatorial models and methods for reading genomic sequences")


- Marta Kasprzak, Stipend of the Foundation for Polish Science;


- Marta Kasprzak, Stipend of the Foundation for Polish Science;


- Marta Kasprzak, Prime Minister Award for doctoral dissertation (title "Computational aspects of DNA sequencing", supervisor: prof. Jacek Blazewicz);