Award for the best Bachelor thesis for our students!

Three of our students: Daniil Martsich, Kamil Luwanski oraz Vladyslav Hlushchenko were awarded by RNA Salon Poznan for the best Bachelor thesis.Title: "RNAspider - System do wykrywania splątań w strukturach RNA"Supervisor: Dr. Maciej AntczakSource

Prof. Blazewicz has become a honorary member of PBS!

We are pleased to announce that prof. Jacek Blazewicz, one of the most important members of our group, was distinguished by Polish Bioinformatics Society and granted the title of Honorary Member together with prof. Wieslaw Nowak (from Torun) and prof. Jerzy Tiuryn (from Warsaw). It is worth noting nobody had received this title for 15 years.

Our student, Jacek Kaczor, got an award for the best master thesis!

During Autumn Conference PTBI 2021 which took place 15-17th September, the results of the competition "The best master thesis defended in 2020" were announced. One of our students, Jacek Kaczor, won the award for his thesis titled (in Polish) "RNAloops: baza struktur wieloramiennych pętli RNA". He was supervised by a member of our group, PhD Maciej Antczak. Congratulations!
About us
The Bioinformatics Group established by prof. Jacek Błażewicz started to evolve in the second half of 90's in the Laboratory of Algorithm Design and Programming Systems within the Institute of Computing Science of the Poznan University of Technology. Today, it collects also researchers from the Laboratory of BioinformaticsInstitute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Joint work of the two Institutes has resulted in a number of projects, publications and patents. Recent participation in a structural grant and formal establishment of the European Center for Bioinformatics and Genomics (ECBiG) has pointed out the importance of this cooperation and strengthened the research potential of the group.

The main areas of our research are:
DNA sequencing and assembling (including design of algorithms for the NGS sequencers);
protein structure analysis;
RNA structure analysis and prediction (including automatic tertiary structure prediction tool);
- nanotechnology and DNA computing;

Our group is involved in creation and conducting both undergraduate and graduate studies in Bioinformatics, being a common project of two leading Poznan universities: Adam Mickiewicz University and Poznan University of Technology. The studies offer modern teaching program with courses covering wide areas of biology and computer science, and - first of all - the typically bioinformatics issues.

Students of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computing Science of Poznan University of Technology have the opportunity to participate in bioinformatics lectures and classes. This one-semester course introduces basic notions and issues from bioinformatics and molecular biology, and explains classical algorithms from this area. Laboratory classes enable students to invent and implement their own bioinformatics algorithms solving simple problems.
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